The Great Incursion

By the year 2010, meta humans outside of Horizon had not entered the public eye. Some were seen here and there, defending the innocent or wreaking havoc but none of them made it beyond the threshold of urban legend in their community. Strange happenings were not uncommon, and people were too enamored with Horizon’s exploits or too busy tearing him down and hating him to care about any other big names or up and comers. This however, would change very soon. Winter descended upon the capital and Washington snow paved the sidewalks, sprinkling The White House in a fresh winter coat as it stood proudly as a symbol of the president’s authority. Everything seemed so safe, so routine until the sky turned dark and thunder began to split the horizon. A rift opened up over Washington as odd air crafts, never before seen on Earth emerged. Shots were fired, streets devastated, and civilians slaughtered. The air force was called in to defend, but following the ships out of the rift were strange beings with special powers, extra dimensional meta humans. The invaders made short work of the air force, tearing apart the planes with super human strength, causing them to fly into each other with telekinesis, or just blasting them out of the sky with bolts of energy. News reports flooded all TV channels as coverage of the attack began the number one story and reports of similar happenings in other cities as well as at The Pentagon reverberated across all media stations. Then finally he emerged, the last invader to cross the rift, Paradox.

Paradox is a name that would be etched into world history for years to come, and would live on in infamy. The mastermind behind the attack, leading a small army of meta humans into our world, all from a dimension in which strict oppression, suppression, persecution, and even death was commonplace under the law for meta humans. The sought to take control and one can say they succeeded. Horizon flew to the scene, prioritizing the lives of civilians above all else, he defended them from the barrage of unrelenting blasts from the foreign air crafts. Many innocent lives were saved due to his presence but the greatest challenge was still ahead of him as he rose to confront Paradox after dispatching several of his elite cohorts. The battle was intense but Paradox was clearly on another level, his powers of spatial control and ability to manipulate pocket dimensions baffled Horizon, and before our very eyes the world’s greatest hero was defeated, sent plummeting to the ground as Paradox released his death grip from our defender’s throat. Horizon landed in a bloody mess, slamming against the cold, hard concrete as Paradox slowly drifted closer to The White House. The people saw their president levitated from his quarters, bursting through the window of the oval office and lifted to meet Paradox’s gaze. The world heard Paradox’s deep voice echoed through their heads, “People of the world, we come from the X2 dimension. We are not aliens, we are humans just like you, except more advanced, evolved, better one might say. We have come to claim the world that was owed us in our dimension, a world in which the rightful betters take their place among the plebeian hordes of drooling, incompetent masses and bring forth a new era of prosperity. We come from a world that has robbed us of our rightful place, eliminated and outlawed the gifts we meta humans possess, all in the name of ignorance and fear. But you’ve nothing to fear from us, not if you are ready to obey, and embrace this new world order! To those of you who still cling to the childish ideas of heroes, meta human or otherwise, I warn you that our native realm has been down that path before and your efforts are for naught, wasted on these people! I understand your need to channel your gifts, but you fight to preserve thankless vermin Let those of you with any sense join us and help pave the way to a brighter tomorrow, with the superior humans leading the charge. As for those of you who still intend to oppose us, despite witnessing your hero’s fall, let the image of your great leader’s suffering be an eternal reminder of your folly.” Paradox delivered his message sternly as President Obama’s outline began to quiver, his entire being distorted, slowly twisting in on itself and collapsing into nothing as if folded into the fabric of reality and hidden from view, erased from existence.

Horizon rose from the rubble as he recalled the events leading up to his defeat. He gazed up at the sky just in time to see the president killed off by the fearsome invader, the people around him looked sullen, devastated. This was surely the end, most of them thought. But no, this was just the beginning. These are the events that lead to the first non civil war on US soil, the first great meta human war, The Great Incursion. Meta humans slowly came out of the woodwork and became known to the public as either traitors or defenders as many of them began to take sides. Many who saw Paradox defeated Horizon and turn the president inside out decided it was time to go with the winning team rather than hold true to noble ideals, but even more still wouldn’t give up their world without a fight. Paradox’s followers descended upon American cities, seeking to take over the country before expanding all over the world. But they were met with heavy resistance from the numerous meta humans and non powered combatants residing in those areas, fighting a full scale war with the streets as battlegrounds.

The struggle went on for two years and many lives were lost on both sides. The war reached its peak as Paradox stood in control, his army of followers tearing through opposing forces with their super powered might. Horizon and the other already established meta humans did their best to drive them back on all fronts but it was an uphill battle. Eventually, a small group of scientists collaborating in secret and unbeknownst to the overlord Paradox, developed the final product that became the meta gene serum. This was their last hope, humanity’s last chance to try and defeat Paradox’s forces. The scientists put out the word on all available media channels, tv, radio. internet, all utilized to help spread the word on their final ace in the hole, “Everyone! Please listen! I know times are dark and we stand to lose all we hold dear but we must stay strong. Up until now we have always thought that Horizon was the only one watching us, we were wrong. The local defenders of our cities have taken up arms to protect us in this most trying of times for humanity and here is our chance to join them. I present to you the meta gene serum, I caution you, it is not without side effects, and injecting the serum will have unpredictable effects on your physiology and mental state, but it is by far our greatest chance to drive these bastards out of our dimension! We can’t lose! We won’t lose! I urge you all, anyone with the desire to protect our country, our world, your loved ones! Take the fight into your own hands, the serum is available through our discreet channels. I know we ask for a lot, and it may be an irreversible sacrifice but we can’t sit idly by and let our way of life be crushed under the foot of these monsters. May we all come through this together and rebuild our world better than it was before, after we remove this threat once and for all.”

Many people were hesitant, they were afraid of what would happen to them once they took the serum but there were many who were just as afraid of what would happen if they didn’t. People were not wholly enthusiastic about their predicament but a good number took the plunge and adopted their new powers for the greater good of mankind. Meanwhile, Horizon did his best to protect those he could and to vanquish the foes who stood against him in his mission to defend the world from the invaders. In the end, he realized he couldn’t do it alone, no single hero no matter how great could. Luckily, he was not alone, he was surrounded by fellow meta humans, ones with experience. These elite few were the heart and soul of the rebellion and would later be decorated as the greatest heroes in the world, The League of Champions. Seven heroes who’ve spent their days honing their skills and training their powers, ready to defend those around them were finally able to put their training to the absolute test and fight off this new menace. These established heroes helped the newcomers enter the fray and under their guidance were they able to fight back against Paradox’s army. The seven champions displayed great tactical skill and knowledge, leading the untrained meta humans in the fight against the invaders.

The bloody battles raged on but the newly powered resistance forces, under leadership from The Seven, seemed to be winning. Paradox’s stranglehold on every major US city started to weaken as his armies deminished. As the world’s forces marched towards victory, Paradox himself stepped onto the battlefield. The destruction he left in his wake was devastating, his superior power tore through hordes and leveled wide areas. In the midst of the destruction The White House itself was reduced to a gaping crater and the Statue of Liberty was reduced to rubble. Paradox’s might slaughtered countless opponents, reducing the number of newly powered meta humans drastically as their powers were easily toyed and manipulated by the fearsome master of space and mind. Armies quaked in fear of Paradox and hope began to leave them but it was then when all seemed list that The Seven stood to face the seemingly unstoppable invader. A vicious battle ensued, and even with their combined powers The Seven struggled to take the titan down. Two of them were permanently injured from the battle while some others suffered severe trauma but in the end it was Ghoul, the non powered member of the group who dealt the most crucial blow, defeating Paradox psychologically (a feat worthy of fucking god hood but fuck it it’s Ghoul, the fucking Batman) while Horizon delivered the force of an atom bomb to the villain’s skull with one ferocious punch.

It was finally over, Paradox was defeated but not all was well. Upon Paradox’s death, all his fellow invaders were sucked back into the rift, their anchor to this realm no longer maintained. The people of Earth began to rebuild, but their minds would never heal from this display of meta human power. Attitudes towards metas soured as people started to question life among such powerful beings. Who is to say this won’t happen again? When will another Paradox arise to make his bid for world domination? Can the League of Champions be trusted to defend us or will they also try to seize control one day? These were the questions on everyone’s minds as the next two years of reconstruction and recovery took place. The Seven were officially named defenders of the world by new president William Steele (Biden got killed too, deal with it) and thus The League of Champions was assembled, comprised of the most valiant and seasoned heroes who stood against Paradox in the war.

Now in the year 2014 we see a new world, one in which meta humans live among humans, mostly in secret. Though prejudice runs deep in the years after the incursion and meta humans tend to be looked upon with doubt, scrutiny, and fear. It is not an easy life they lead in this works where most people blame the devastation of the incursion on their kind, waiting for them to show their colors as power mad villains. Even the League of Champions is not safe from the ire of the public and as the most publicized group of superheroes, they stand as symbols to the people of the world, representing the potential good meta humans have to offer, but even they are remain suspect and not just to people and politicians. Other metas and heroes who fought in the war were generally met with the same treatment as Vietnam vets, under appreciated and sometimes even looked down upon but in a small way respected for their valor.

We now live in a world where meta human policy is up in the air and only time will tell how the world will adjust to their presence.

The Great Incursion

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