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Silenced Knights

…The world has seen major changes in recent times. From the early experimentation for tireless super-soldiers during the Cold War, to the nuclear accidents in various regions, to the release of the meta gene serum during The Great Incursion…the world has become host to an unusual and very new phenomenon known as the meta human. Today in the year 2014, the devastation left by The Great Incursion plagues and haunts the minds of every average joe, meta human, and politician. We’ve started to rebuild, slowly but surely, governments have started to re-stabilize, economies flourish with the increase in jobs and technology available, and the American people begin to return to a way of life unplagued by war at their doorstep. But the incident left the people traumatized and questioning. This was the first non civil war on American soil, and every state felt it’s undeniable horrors. The involvement of meta humans in this crisis left the people conflicted, terrified yet thankful.

The Great Incursion was the first highly publicized, world wide exposure to the power of meta humans and the harm it can cause, but it also showcased the potential defensive benefits these super beings bring to the table. It’s been two years since the iron grip of Paradox weakened it’s hold, shattered and fell before the people’s rebellion, spearheaded by zealous metas ready to protect their world, leading to the formation of The League of Champions. However, in this time people have focused on rebuilding after the incursion and the damage inflicted upon the world by meta human hands was the sheer focus of political and social discussion. People were afraid. We just witnessed beings with powers unimaginable throwing their entire way of life into the gutter and inducing full scale war.

Now they walk among us, those who have defended us and those who allied with the other side, still here in society, some feared and shunned, others looked up to but still kept at arms length. With such apprehension, fear, and tension in the air, who is to say what is next in this country for it’s greatest defenders? Perhaps they are also it’s greatest threat? Can one really be a hero when the people you serve fear you? Ostracized, distrusted, and feared are the meta humans of today. Will they be the saviors or the destroyers of tomorrow? These are the questions we ask ourselves as we enter the first age of heroes and adapt to life with meta humans living in our midst.

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